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I'm thrilled to Introduce Mary Dowey as the next guest to contribute to my blog. I first met Mary several years ago when she was hosting one of her sensational wine weekends at Ballymaloe House. In this entry Mary shares with us an insight into her events and tells us about her excitement to be returning to East Cork for this years festival:
The afternoon sun slants through the high windows of the conservatory, making it one of the nicest spots in Ballymaloe House to sit and relax after a frantic day. It’s informal, intimate - a place to chat and enjoy a glass or two of wine rather than lecture and perform a hushed and clinical tasting analysis. Thank you, lovely LitFest organisers, for granting me this gorgeous setting two evenings in a row. 
I’ve selected some fabulous fizz for Late Afternoon Sparkle on Saturday May 16 at 5.30pm. The details must remain top secret until the very last minute, of course, but I can promise a superb trio of sparkling wines and champagne - each bottle not merely delicious but representing a key trend in the world of beautiful bubbles. To make matters more interesting still, we’ll match each style with something suitable to nibble, turning this tempting little session into a rather glam apéritif and canapé event. I imagine there may not be much call for spittoons.
At 4pm on Sunday May 17 I’ll be back in the conservatory, glass in hand, to share A Rhône Romance - some insights into an unnervingly long love affair with Provence and the Southern Rhône. In spite of a few hiccups (beyond bureaucracy and the freezing Mistral), this magnificent region has remained my favourite patch of the wine world for a dozen years - as entrancing to visit as it is to explore at a distance through the delectably varied drinking it offers. I’m looking forward to explaining why.
And looking forward to the whole festival weekend in all its head-spinning diversity.


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