What are the chances? | Litfest A Food and Drinks Literacy Festival at Ballymaloe

I was in The White House when it occurred to me! Yes “The White House”. I pinched myself and no it was not a dream!

I have always enjoyed visiting new places so when Bill Yosses, one of the guest speakers at LitFest 2013, invited me to visit him at his workplace, which also happens to be America's most famous address, I was simply thrilled. How lucky was I, a pastry chef from Ireland on my first visit to Washington D.C., to receive a comprehensive tour of America’s most iconic house!

Serendipitously, it turned out that many of America’s leading chefs were also in town and they too were invited inside the most intriguing neo-classical mansion. As I got to know many in the group I found myself, amongst other things, talking about the work I do at Ballymaloe in Ireland. At one point two ladies in the group came over to me.
“Did you say Ballymaloe?” One lady asked.
“Yes, I did.” I replied
“We will be going there in May….”
As it turned out, Christopher Hirsheimer and Melissa Hamilton, two of this year’s LitFest participating speakers were part of the group.

They took me by surprise. What were the chances? Whilst we made each others acquaintance I could not help but feel how small the world really is. How in The White House I could bump into people who not only knew my home but were also coming to visit! Suddenly I felt an overwhelming excitement, with LitFest 2014 drawing ever closer, I have nothing to do but embrace the lead up and enjoy the adventure.

The inaugural festival in 2013 proved to be a lot of fun. Standing in The White House I realised what a zestful and unique opportunity we have to share our knowledge and come together to have a bit of craic!

This year the world’s most respected literary food and wine experts will find themselves at Ballymaloe House and Cookery School to create a festival like no other. The weekend promises to be a magical mix of mouth watering events: From demonstrations to debates and workshops to readings this festive weekend is designed to delight.

The purpose of this blog will be to whet the appetite, keep you informed and give the inside track on this year’s festival. I will endeavour to keep you in the loop as I reveal exciting news from LitFest HQ during the lead up to 2014’s jam packed festival.


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Litfest - A Food and Drinks Literacy Festival at Ballymaloe is a weekend filled with fascinating facts, inspirational stories, intriguing discussions, incredible knowledge, fantastic music, fabulous dancing and of course, delicious food and drinks.
It is the only festival of its kind in Ireland and has created an important hub for food and drinks enthusiasts worldwide to meet and share ideas with each other.

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