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WILD beach roses, spruce shoots and March violets are not ingredients that can be found in any supermarket - but they are part of the dazzling new palette of flavours served up by world-famous chef Rene Redzepi.

So when the Danish maestro, who heads the kitchen at the world’s best restaurant Noma, offered to give a workshop on foraging at the inaugural Kerrygold Ballymaloe Literary Festival of Food & Wine, it was bound to unearth some delicacies the rest of us might have dismissed as mere weeds in the undergrowth.

Redzepi rustled up some wild garlic and some surprisingly tasty green shoots, inspiring amateur cooks with his knowledge, according to Eilish Boyle, who took part in the workshop in Co Cork.

Redzepi told them eating and drinking was “the last analogue experience”.

“It was incredibly inspiring and very technical - he gave us tips on how to cook up what he discovered,” said the slow food enthusiast.

Later, Redzepi tweeted: “I’ll recommend you visiting @Ballymaloe literary festival if you enjoy genuine hospitality and food - and lots of grand Irish people.”

It was an old Swedish army survival manual that described in detail how to survive for a year off the land that was Redzepi’s first introduction to the world of forgotten flavours.

From then on, Noma chefs began their days exploring beaches and forests, looking for unique edibles - with incredible results.

Last month, Noma was named the World’s Best Restaurant by the tastemakers at ‘Restaurant’ magazine for the fourth


This article was written by Nicola Anderson adn appeared in the Irish Independent


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