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The more that we talk about the Grainstore at #Litfest16 the more enthused we get about the ‘Our Food- What’s The Story’ talks and the speakers we have lined up. The Saturday afternoon session is going to bring magic, music, cheese and much more to #Litfest16.


Following on from last week’s blog, this week we are going to delve into what will happen during the Saturday morning ‘Our Food – What’s The Story?’ session at #Litfest16.


This year The Grainstore is going to have a whole different setup to previous years and will bring a new edge to the Litfest, a fast-paced, dynamic and enthusiastic edge. Oh? I hear you perk up… read on because we don’t throw those words around lightly. We at Litfest HQ know that this year The Grainstore will be the shining gem of #Litfest16 and is an event not to be missed.
So what is it exactly?


Jeanne Kelly (Kerrygold), Rory O'Connell, Darina Allen, Brian Cleere (Kerrygold)


What better way to re-ignite the Litfest blog than by spilling the beans on the #Litfest16 launch in London last week. We took a brief break from Litfest HQ and hopped on a plane to London for a whirlwind trip.


It's that time of year again when we start recruiting the Litfest volunteer team for May...

Here's a great Christmas gift idea for that food or drinks lover in your life .... a voucher for Litfest16. 
The full programme will be released over the next couple of weeks. No doubt enthusiasts will be eagerly scanning the website, searching for their heroes and for the events that we've planned for them as part of the Litfest16 schedule. Little will your loved one know that a gorgeous gift awaits them under the Christmas tree, treating them to the events of their choice when the tickets go live on Tuesday 12th January.

Next week we will be launching the new Kerrygold Ballymaloe Literary Festival of Food and Wine website and announcing the guest participants for Litfest16!


Below are some of the best podcasts from the Kerrygold Ballymaloe Litfest of food and wine 2015. Do take you time to listen to and enjoy!



TV3's Ireland AM came to Litfest in 2015



Story to follow.


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Litfest - A Food and Drinks Literacy Festival at Ballymaloe is a weekend filled with fascinating facts, inspirational stories, intriguing discussions, incredible knowledge, fantastic music, fabulous dancing and of course, delicious food and drinks.
It is the only festival of its kind in Ireland and has created an important hub for food and drinks enthusiasts worldwide to meet and share ideas with each other.

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