LITFEST 2016 MAY 20-22

Celebrating The Writing of Elizabeth David

Tom Doorley and John McKenna in conversation with Jill Norman

French Provincial Cooking, Italian Food, Spices, Salt and Aromatics in the English Kitchen, An Omelette and a Glass of Wine...... some of the most important and lauded titles in the history of food writing. Elizabeth David was and remains a giant in the pantheon of great food writers and her writing has influenced most of the great food writers that have followed her.

You will have difficulty finding two more passionate and enthuastic supporters of the work of the legendary food writer than Tom Doorley and John McKenna. You would also have difficulty finding someone as well placed as Jill Norman (she worked closely with Ms David) to discuss one of the undisputed greats of the food writing genre with these two extremely well read fellows.

This will be a fascinating and important discussion.