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Alberto Zenato, Veneto, Italy.

Alberto Zenato oversees all aspects of production, from the growing of the vines to the completion of the bottling process.

Zenato is a family-run company, with 40ha vineyards producing Lugana on the southern shores of the lake and 30ha vineyards producing Valpolicella, Ripassa and Amarone in the prime Sant’Ambrogio di Valpolicella district nearby.

The Zenato winery possesses a strong link to the richness of its local history and culture, and continues to develop this connection today. The estate is based in a territory that surrounds Lake Garda, with an extraordinary microclimate that allows for an optimal growing season. Cherishing a ‘frank and simple’ approach to life, Zenato is committed to producing wine of exceptional quality. With a passion for the land Zenato crafts wines that are known for their quality and consistency.

Founded in 1960 by Sergio and Carla Zenato, the Zenato winery was originally based on the production of quality wines from an indigenous varietal, Trebbiano di Lugana. Over time, the winery has been passed to Sergio and Carla’s children, who have maintained and expanded upon this vision. Their daughter Nadia currently handles the marketing and promotional activity for the company, while their son Alberto oversees all aspects of production, from the growing of the vines to the completion of the bottling process. Zenato has also explored another important area of Italian wine production — Valpolicella. It is here that they have dedicated endless efforts to the improvement and success of Amarone production, a wine of noble attributes and prestige.

Years at Litfest: 2014
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