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Anthony Creswell from Ummera Smokehouse.

For nearly forty years Ummera has built up an enviable reputation for producing some of the finest smoked salmon available. We originally concentrated on smoking the Wild Atlantic Salmon which were caught by fishermen as the salmon returned from their feeding grounds in the North Atlantic. Since 2006, when it was obvious that over-fishing was having significant effects on wild salmon stocks, Ummera has been smoking Irish organically reared salmon. Their natural flavour and texture, blended with our careful curing, and gentle smoking over smouldering oak fires ensure that you will enjoy the finest smoked salmon.

History of Ummera

In the early '70's Anthony Creswell's father, a keen fisherman, started smoking the salmon he and his friends were catching on the local rivers, the Argideen, the Bandon, and the Blackwater. After much trial and error, he perfected methods which remain unchanged today. The word spread and so the business grew.

"Ummera Smoked Products Ltd" is established

Up to the early 1980's Anthony was involved in the wine business, in vineyards and wineries from Alsace to Australia. In 1984, he started helping his father with the smoking. Soon he could see a greater potential in smoking salmon than selling wine! In 1988 Ummera Smoked Products Ltd. was created.

In May 1998, Anthony Creswell took over the running of the Company from his father. The smoking was transferred in October 2000 to a new custom built smokehouse, 1 km upstream of its original location on the River Argideen; this has enabled Ummera to move into the 21st century with the confidence that the quality of its products will be second to none.

In 2002, Ummera was awarded the Organic Trust symbol for sourcing, processing and distribution of Certified Organic Smoked Salmon. While Ummera was initially reluctant to become involved in processing of farmed fish, extensive research reassured us that this was a positive move. Existing demand for a top quality product cannot currently be met by wild salmon stocks without placing an unsustainable burden on the fishery. As an alternative, we are satisfied that the criteria for organic fish production represent the best possible conditions for salmon farming and the opportunity to produce a product of acceptably high quality.

In the autumn of 2004, modifications were made to the smokehouse to meet the demanding standards required by the Irish Government and the EU for the export of meat and poultry products. This enabled Ummera Smoked Chicken and Smoked Dry Cured Bacon to be exported throughout the EU in compliance to EU regulations.

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